Preparing For The Movers

When you hire professional movers, you should be able to count on them to safely load and transport your household items to your new location. No matter how good these professionals are at their job, you will still need to diligently prepare for their arrival. You can take several steps to make moving day easier for both you and your moving professionals.

Protect the Floors

You will prevent damage to your flooring if you invest in a few items before the movers arrive. Consider buying carpet runners with self-adhesive to protect your wood surfaces. You can buy these in rolls so you have plenty for the entire house. For your carpets, buy carpet masking, a stretchy plastic that will save your carpet fibers from the wear and tear of furniture moving as well as people coming in and out. You can also supply shoe booties for the movers to wear to prevent dirt and muck from being tracked in. 

Designated Hands-Off Area

Place anything you plan on personally taking to the new location into one area, such as a storage room or the dining room. Also, put any items that will be staying at your old home in that room as well. If you have a hands-off area, the movers will be less likely to accidentally pack something that they shouldn't. It will also help you keep track of those items you will need after the movers leave, such as cleaning products and toys for the kids. 

Courtesy for Movers

Your movers are hardworking people who need food, water, and respect. Make certain that you have some beverages and snack foods on hand for them to consume when they have a break. Also, have cash on hand to tip them. You should count on $10 per person if they work for four hours and $20 if they work for eight hours. If you have a particularly difficult move, one that includes numerous stairs and heavy furniture, you should up the tip amount. 

Taking these "extra" steps will make your moving day go more smoothly. You will be happier and so will the movers. Happy movers are likely to be even more careful than usual with your possessions. Once the movers leave, you should have all the items you will be taking yourself conveniently in one area. Your cleaning tasks should be minimal since your floors will be in good shape. You can then pack your car and move to your exciting new location. 

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