Three Reasons For Storing Holiday Decorations In Your Storage Unit

Right now, you may be in the midst of Christmas decorating -- untangling strings of lights, struggling with heavy storage containers and trying to remember what you did with the 15 brand-new boxes of ornaments that you bought on clearance last January.

Storing your holiday supplies and decorations can be a real challenge. They can get dusty or dirty, infested with bugs or even mice, or put in the wrong place and forgotten. Plus, a good chunk of the more than 15,000 accidents each year related to holiday decorating occur on ladders -- like when you're trying to get the stuff out of your attic.

There's an answer to this problem: A self storage rental unit. Storage units are an inexpensive way to keep safe those things that you want to protect but don't need to access often. You'll likely only need a 5x5 or 5x10 unit to store all your decorations.

Besides the ease of keeping everything in one place, here are more reasons why a rental storage unit can put the Merry back in your Christmas:

1. No worries about temperature impacting your items.

Have you ever retrieved your decorations, looked in the box and noted that all your candles had melted into a big blob of wax after spending the hot summer in the attic? But if you try to keep your candles someplace else in the house, you might forget where they are. 

Or maybe you keep your boxes in the basement, but there's always the worry that you'll open them to find mildew all over your precious tree skirt and those hand-stitched stockings from Grandma. Anything delicate that can melt will fare much better in a climate-controlled storage unit than in the back rafters of your attic or the depths of your damp basement.

2. There's less chance of a critter invasion.

While there are no guarantees that a storage unit will be completely free of pests, you are much less likely to see a spider invasion or find a nest of baby mice in your decorations. To ensure that you minimize the attraction for any creatures that wander by, keep your decorations in hard-sided plastic containers. This has the added bonus of being easy to stack.

3. It's much easier on your back.

The places around your home where you're likely to stick Christmas decorations are also those that are hardest to get to. If you spend hours lugging containers up basement steps or trying to get them down a ladder from the attic without falling or breaking anything, the ease of backing up a vehicle to the storage unit and swiftly loading in the boxes has to be appealing. 

So right now, while you're still grumbling about the trouble of getting your decorations down, call your local self storage rental facility and ask about getting a small unit starting in January. Your back will thank you, and you'll safely have all your decorations in one place.

For more information, contact Bill King Moving or a similar company.