Tips For Hiring The Perfect Mover

If you are moving, then you probably have a lot on your plate already. Therefore, you might not want to worry about the move itself and whether or not your belongings will get to the correct destination intact. In such a situation, finding a reliable and affordable moving company (such as Dixie Moving and Storage Inc.) can save you a ton of stress. To help make your life easier, here are a couple of tips that you can use to find that perfect moving company and to ensure your peace of mind: 

Consider Moving Insurance

If the worst does come to pass and there is a problem with the move, such as an accident or some of your belongings being damaged en route, then you want to be prepared. Moving insurance can be a very effective way of mitigating these dangers. Plenty of people aren't familiar with moving insurance or (incorrectly) assume that their homeowners insurance applies to their belongings while they are in transit.

Of course, moving insurance isn't always the best idea, so you will need to weight your options carefully. If you are moving a lot of very valuable stuff, then insurance probably be a no-brainer. Depending on the distance of the move, the weather, and the level of experience that the driver has, the risk level can vary dramatically. A move during a stormy season through mountainous roads will probably make insurance seem like a very tempting proposition.

If you have a couple of belongings that are small, yet particularly valuable, then you can even transport them in your own vehicle to the final location. This way, you can keep an eye on them and rest easy without needing to shell out the cash for insurance.

Verify Status Upon Arrival

Once everything has been moved to your new home, you may be exhausted and too tired to think about anything else. However, checking all of your belongings now can save you a lot of headaches later.

You should check every box to make sure that everything is in the same condition as it left in. If you catch any problems now, before the moving company leaves, then you can properly document the situation. Such initiative on your part will help your case if you make an insurance claim or confront the moving company about the damages. This way, no party will be able to claim that you damaged the goods on your own, after the fact.

To build on this, you should also be intimately familiar with the contract that you sign with the moving company. Extensive knowledge of the contract will allow you to fully protect your belongings and will increase your chances of success if you contend that the moving company was responsible for damaging your goods.