How to Make Your Move Smoother & Faster

Moving can be complete chaos unless you have things organized. There needs to be some sort of structure to the endless amount of boxes that you have to pack and unpack. Here are a number of tips that you can employ to help your moving day go much faster and smoother.

Pack Fragile Items in Towels

Fragile items need to be packed so that they are protected in the event that the box gets bumped when in transit. Bubble wrap costs a lot of money, and you could require an excessive amount of it depending on how many fragile items you have. An alternative to bubble wrap is to use beach towels as a protective layer that can be placed around your fragile items. Take the items that are in danger of breaking if they get knocked around and place them in the middle of the towel, then wrap both ends of the towel completely around the item.

Label Every Box in Black Marker

If you don't take the time to label every box then you will not be able to find the item you need without ripping apart countless boxes. Take the time to write the contents of each box on the side in black marker. Then make a separate inventory list with the same list of contents and assign each box a number, which you can then write on the side of the box in large print. When you need to find a specific item you can simply reference the inventory list and get the box number before searching for that specific box. This will make things way easier when you sort the contents of your move.

Put Items with Loose Bits in Sandwich Bags

For items such as the bed or others that require disassembly for moving, make sure that you place the screws or bolts into a plastic bag that you can then tape to the item. Keeping the bolts or screws in a plastic bag will prevent them from getting mixed up or lost, and you will need them when it comes time to put these larger items back together again.

Following these tips will help you to get organized when you move. For help with larger items that require physical strength to move, you should hire a professional moving company like Bell Moving & Storage. They will have the proper equipment to lift these items and transport them safely without damaging them.